General Conditions

The following are the General Conditions applicable to all the activities developed by SULAYR ADVENTURE


  1. The realization of the activities is conditioned to the natural environment in which they develop (climatology, changes in river flow, direction of the winds, etc.)
  2. The company may cancel the activity, even at the start of the same if the weather conditions are not suitable for its realization. If the cancellation occurs on the same day of the activity, the customer may choose to change the date of the activity, change your reservation for an open date, or return 100% of the total amount.
  3. The company is in the position of the insurance established by law for the realization of the contracted activity. He has contracted a Civil Liability policy and an accident and assistance insurance that covers all clients who hire their activities.
  4. The client must inform, before hiring the activity, about possible pregnancy, physical or cardiovascular diseases as well as the use of any medication that may affect their ability to react.
  5. If the client does not meet the minimum physical and technical conditions required or does not carry the required material, they may be denied participation in the activity, modify or delay the schedule of the same. If you need an adapted service, please let us know in advance.
  6. The client agrees to accept the decisions of the monitor and follow their instructions at all times to ensure the safety and fluidity of the activity.
  7. It is understood that when paying for the activity, obtaining the ticket or signing the registration form, the participant is informed in detail of the activity, has read the technical sheet, remains aware of the rules and accepts these conditions.
  8. By its very nature, outdoor activities involve some risk. after a fortuitous injury (sprains, sunburn ...) the participant will not be entitled to any claim for it.
  9. It is mandatory to know how to swim to perform any water activity or combined with water.
  10. The company or the monitor responsible for the activity, may prevent, without right to any claim, the participation of any person suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who thinks that their state may pose a danger to themselves or the rest of the participants.
  11. Smoking is not allowed during activities.
  12. In the case of wearing prostheses, glasses or contact lenses, the client assumes the risk of damage in them caused by the normal performance of the contracted activity.
  13. Minors must always be accompanied by an adult, legal guardian, teacher or monitor who takes charge of them. Failing this, the legal guardian must sign an express authorization.
  14. At the beginning of the activity, the monitors will offer participants an informative session with all the details of the day's plan (itinerary), how to use the material, safety instructions, self-protection rules, care of the environment, etc. and everything you should know and know before starting the activity.
  15. The company may use for advertising purposes the image of customers in advertising brochures, photo albums, web, ...
  16. The company is not responsible for the personal objects of the customers so no claim will be addressed in this regard.
  17. The company has a claim sheet available to customers.
  18. In case of any conflict, which should be resolved in the courts, both parties will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Granada.


  1. If the client cancels a reservation, previously contracted, the following amounts must be paid as management and cancellation costs over the total price of the reservation:
  2. 30% if done 7 days before the start of the activity
  3. 50% if done 48 hours or less in advance
  4. 100% if it is done 24 hours or less in advance or is not presented. In case you want to change the date of completion or a change in the number of places, you should check availability beforehand.
  5. In case of cancellation of the activity due to force majeure, such as weather conditions, we will arrange a new date for its realization or it will remain as a reservation with an open date or in the last case, the entire amount of the reservation will be returned. The decision to cancel an activity due to weather conditions is the sole responsibility of the provider of the activity.


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